About The Square Studio:

The Square Studio was founded in 2002 by Steve Sopchak as a creative hub for musicians who were writing and performing music that most other area studios did not understand, on a budget that most other studios could not appreciate. It is, and always has been about pushing the boundaries of recorded music to meet the unique sonic needs of every client, and to do so at a competitive rate.

Throughout the past fourteen years, The Square has grown into a fully-equipped recording studio, with a beautiful, new downtown location and a well-backed reputation as one of Central New York's best places to make a record. It has evolved into an environment in which younger bands can come to find direction while more established acts can come to fully realize their creative vision, all with someone who cares as much about the result as the artists themselves.

That is what really differentiates The Square--The lasting relationships that develop as a result of recording here. There is no greater reward than forming a friendship with a client, growing with them, and letting that growth fuel our collective progress as artists in the years to come.

This philosophy, coupled with top-notch gear from companies like Neumann Microphones, Universal Audio, Chandler Limited, Toft Audio, and Avalon Design makes The Square Studio the perfect choice for your next project!

Below is a brief video giving an inside look into what The Square Studio is all about.

About The Engineer:

Steve Sopchak is an award winning producer/engineer who is proudly doing things differently. Innovation in music is a concept that has fascinated Sopchak since early childhood. As a proficient, self-taught multi-instrumentalist with a strong foundation in music theory, Steve has always had a unique, yet well-grounded take on the art form.

The better part of Steve's formative years were spent writing music with good friends, recording that music, and eventually traveling around the country performing that music. Most significantly, Steve toured for five years playing drums in a hardcore/punk band called Eyes Averted, and also logged some serious miles with his current solo project "Souvenirs," and the now-defunct indie act The Bells And Whistles. Steve's love for recording originated out of the necessity to capture the sounds that these groups were making and it wasn't long after that a business was born.

In 2008 Steve graduated summa cum laude from Oswego State University as the school's "2008 Outstanding Marketing Student of the Year," and has taken The Square Studio full-time ever since.

Since 2002 Steve has recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced hundreds of projects for local, regional, national, and international artists and record labels. Many of those projects have gone on to secure top spots on Billboard and iTunes charts alike. He is also one half of a songwriting team known as The Young Ebenezers. In addition to co-writing and producing for up-and-coming artists, The Young Ebenezers' custom compositions have been featured in many national advertising campaigns for some of the biggest companies in the world, including: Ashley Furniture, Got Milk?, Microsoft, Toyota, Google, and Gillette.

Steve's past projects have been invaluable in shaping him as an engineer, producer, and songwriter, while his current projects are some of his most exciting and challenging yet. A client recently said that Steve is working well beyond his years, yet is at a point where he is perhaps the hungriest... Nothing could be closer to the truth.

A Closer Look:

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