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Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year:

Song: Wild & Free (That's The Way It Goes)

Album: The Goodnight Moon: Part II

Release Date: August '13

A very radio-friendly, but still rock-conscious pop song written for Rookie, by Steve at The Square. Bright, organic, and catchy.

Ice Nine Kills

Ice Nine Kills:

Song: Connect The Cuts

Album: The Predator Becomes The Prey

Release Date: January '14

An interesting, heavy, and incredibly technical record. This is likely one of the Square's most crushing mixes to date.

Inclusive Or

Inclusive Or:

Song: Eudaimonia

Album: Cocktails in Purgatory

Release Date: April '14

Indie-rock fueled by philosophy, whiskey, and too many wounded birds, this project was an experiment in digestible distortion and accessible minimalism.

The Venetia Fair

The Venetia Fair:

Song: Only In The Morning

Album: Every Sick, Disgusting Thought...

Release Date: March '13

One of the weirdest and most talented groups to ever pass through the Square. We shot for something polished, but that would make the listener feel dirty for tuning into it.

Still Rings True

Still Rings True:

Song: Broken

Album: Self-Titled

Release Date: June '13

One of the realest, most aggressive punk bands ever to enter The Square. This three-piece makes so much sound, it just can't be contained.

Phil Smo

Phil Smo:

Song: The Devil Is In The Dinero

Album: Smoverdose

Release Date: Dec '12

A song from some wild sessions spanning almost three years. This song is one of the crazier ones, featuring tuba, 2x4's as percussion, and many other musical oddities.

I'm Happiest When...

I'm Happiest When:

Song: Gray

Album: Sleepy Feet

Release Date: June '12

An unbelievably talented, primarily acoustic group doing compelling and atmospheric music led by some of the most convincing vocals ever tracked at The Square.

Such Gold

Such Gold:

Song: Scoreboard

Album: Split w/ A Loss For Words

Release Date: November '11

Super raw, raise-your-fist-in-the-air punk rock. Scoreboard is reminiscent of the old punk records many of us grew up on.



Song: Can't Hear A Sound

Album: Blackout

Release Date: March '11

The goal for this Chicago-based band's interesting brand of female-fonted rock n' roll was a larger than life mix that still retained the group's unique dynamics.

Independent Louis

Independent Louis:

Song: Have Some

Album: Say Yes

Release Date: March '11

As the final track on a surprisingly varied indie rock album, 'Have Some' features a number of surprises itself, all tied together with layers of unique and impactful textures.

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