Professional References:

"The Square Studio is definitely up to par with some of the best NYC Studios that I use! I would recommend Steve and The Square Studio to anyone in the upstate area that needs a hit record!!!"

Carlos "Tone Capone" Acosta

(Executive Vice President, Universal Motown CMG

Executive Producer, Hot 97 Street Soldiers


"I think Steve's very talented. He was great to work with, offered a unique perspective, and faithfully carried out the vision we devised for the Ice Nine Kills project. His mixes came out great and I look forward to working with him again in the future."

James Paul Wisner

(Producer, [Dashboard Confessional, Paramore,
Underoath, Further Seems Forever])

"The Square Studio is on to something. It is apparent that Steve [owner, engineer] is reaching for a signature sound. Refreshing in an age of mass-produced "stock" studio sounds."

Bill Allen

(Owner, Green Mountain Drums)

"I was so happy when I got to hear the new Ice Nine Kills disc. They quickly have become one of my favorite bands and I was glad to hear that their CD captured all of their live energy. The stereo imaging is amazing and the record all around slams! Good work Steve!"

Bryan Campbell

(Front of House Engineer for Taproot)

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steve and The Square Studio on a handful of projects, all of which have been given the utmost care and attention. Steve is on the ball and willing to work with you to get exactly what you need. No matter the project, Steve makes sure every little detail is perfect and both band and label are totally content."

R.J. Crowder-Schaefer

(Mightier Than Sword Records)

Client Testimonials:

Spencer Charnas:

- Ice Nine Kills

"Working with Steve was an all around awesome experience. Steve brought to the table not only a vast knowledge of the technical side of recording, but an original and creative ear for song structure, melody, and harmony. We look forward to having him be part of our team for a long time."

Benjamin Santoro:

- The Venetia Fair

"Up until working with Steve, I hated recording. I've worked with several producers, and quite frankly, I've loved several producers, but recording itself has always been an awful experience for me. It's exhausting and tedious, but mostly, it's stressful. Not with Steve. On the one hand he brings so many great ideas to the table but perhaps more importantly, he has an open mind to everyone's ideas and is super easygoing and easy to communicate with. The best part is that the dude is so fast with that computer that you can literally try every single idea you have (and we did) and in no time he'll be able to show you what each one could sound like. Furthemore, although he has all of those great shortcuts to quickly represent an idea, he takes absolutely no shortcuts towards the final cut, and works tirelessly (fueled by Dew) to make sure your record comes out sounding like the best version of your band and your songs. I really can't say enough great things about Steve and The Square Studio, the studio was comfortable, spacious and packed with pro gear, the experience was painless and fun, and at the end of it, we left with an amazing record that was exactly what we were looking for. He made me excited to record again, and I look forward to working with him on many more projects in the future."

Connie Dizonno:

- Saline

"Working with Steve has been an amazing experience. We went into the week eager to start working and ended the week not wanting to leave. He's brilliant with the work he does and extremely dedicated. I feel that Steve really got to know our music, and that aided him in helping us bring our band to the next level. I can't wait to work with Steve again, and we definitely plan to do so in the future."

Mike Cerio:

- Independent Louis

"Having spent time in a handful of, what came as, “highly recommended” studios over the past twelve years; one thing stood far above all others throughout this session at The Square Studio which made it my most enjoyable…Steve’s love for what he is doing. This shines through in every aspect of the process, from an atmosphere that is both laid-back yet sparks creativity, to his amazing attention to detail, to his well rounded musical “nuts and bolts” know-how that allows him to put on the producers hat when needed. He is working well beyond his years, yet is at a point where he is perhaps the hungriest, a lethal combination."

Zach Brown:

- Stand My Ground

- Roman Revival

"Working with Steve was an incredible experience. Walking out of his studio, we had a recording of our song that completely exceeded our expectations... It was absolutely incredible! Steve not only works on your sound, he works with your sound, tweaking and inventing to achieve the absolute perfection that only the best producers strive for. When all is said and done, you don't get what you asked for because what you asked for wasn't nearly as good as what he gives you. I doubt that anyone would be unhappy with their session at the Square."

Hailey Fitch:

- Every Last Thursday

"Going into the studio we were nervous as to how our experience would be, but Steve automatically made us feel comfortable and let us have fun. Steve can quickly pick out the smallest detail in the music that would normally take a good hour of critical listening to find. We walked away from the studio feeling as though we had found someone we respected as a producer and recording engineer that respected us as artists, and we can't wait to get back into the studio with him! I would recommend The Square to anybody and everybody."

Jordan Foehner:

- Storm The Bay

"Working with Steve was great! He knew exactly what we were looking for in our sound and presented it better than we ever thought possible. If you're looking for great recordings at a great price, Steve is the guy to go to, hands down. I can't imagine our band going anywhere else to record now."

Vincent Roselli:

- Envoyer

- Everynight Fireworks

- Museums

"The Square Studio is simply the BEST studio in Western/Central New York. I have recorded with Steve numerous times over the past 5 years, and many other places as well. No other studio has the quality, environment, positive attitude or price that matches The Square. I've told many people and I'll continue to spread the word: if you're an up-and-coming band that is looking for the right place to record, talk to Steve."

Elise Miklich:

- White Picket Fence

"I have nothing but good things to say about working with Steve at The Square Studio. Not only does he take the time to make sure you get the sound you want with his vast array of gear, but he treats every song, and every separate track with care. His remarkable ear for harmonies and knack for creative ideas have always left me and the band more than satisfied with the music we create there."

Ben LaValley:

- Doc Rhythm

"Everything sounds GREAT!!! I am 100% satisfied with all aspects of recording at The Square Studio. Being a musician for 20+ years my expectations were very high when choosing The Square Studio to record a full length album. Steve Sopchak certainly did not disappoint and essentially exceeded all expectations. His extensive knowledge of equipment, recording techniques, and attention to detail made recording at his studio a breeze. Steve’s background in music and understanding of music theory was significant in obtaining the precise sound all of us envisioned. I would highly recommend The Square Studio to anyone looking to record their music. The Square Studio is a professional, high-end studio capable of producing major label sounds. We will definitely be patrons of this outstanding recording studio for many years to come."

Spencer Grant:

- Heavy Lies The Crown

- Stop Green Light

"I would recommend The Square Studio to anyone and everyone. I was blown away with how skilled Steve was as an engineer. He's funny, and all around a great guy to work with. He makes everything feel so comfortable and casual. It's a great atmosphere to work in. He'll probably work harder than your whole band combined and he's very dedicated to making you sound the best he possibly can. All in all The Square is a 5 star place."

Brooks Plummer

- I Surrender Records

- Mightier Than Sword Records

"I have worked with Steve and The Square Studio on a few different projects. In all cases Steve has been quick to respond, friendly, professional, and has always delivered a finished product in a timely manner, even on short notice when we were dealing with a looming deadline. In my experience, his work always sounds great, the songs I've gotten back are full of life and energy, and I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for a great new producer. Right on, Steve!"

Noah DeCarlo:

- The Do's And Don'ts

- Take Aim

- Armory Demo

"I've recorded at The Square Studio for several projects now and everytime it just gets better and better. They have great gear, a comfortable atmosphere, and the head engineer, Steve, knows how to get you the sound you want. I think one of my favorite things about the last record we did together was the attention we paid to every aspect of each instrument. Nothing was rushed and we created some of the best sounds I've ever heard!! Record at The Square Studio!!"

Kate Ellen Dean:

- Jackson's Kid Summer

- Brian Parker Music

"Steve's extensive efforts and talent have impacted our music both technically and conceptually, which goes to show how seriously he regards the minds, hearts, and ears of his clients. The insight and advice that he has provided to us in the studio has greatly affected our sound and agenda as a band. The Square is a constant reminder to me of why music is and should be so powerful. Steve deserves about 80,000 high fives for how awesome he has made our record sound--the harmonies he comes up with absolutely glow. I can assert without apprehension that if you want to record your music, Steve will help you make it everything that you and your listening audience need it to be."

Andrew Root:

- The Downbeat Keys

- The Headband

"I absolutely love working and recording at The Square Studio. I've done two projects with Steve, and each time the results far surpassed my expectations. He's got a great ear, a relaxed way of working with people, and superb technical skills. What really sets Steve apart is how much pride he takes in his work. The final product is the primary concern, not time and money. At The Square Studio, you'll get a producer and engineer who busts his ass to make your music sound the way you dreamed it could."

Aaron Garritillo:

- Speria

- Belarus

- Grey Skies Ahead

"I would definitely recommend The Square Studio to anyone because it was easily the best studio experience I've had and I've recorded with a ton of people. Out of all of my experiences, I felt the most at home with Steve. I hate recording and Steve actually made it pleasant. I wouldn't go anywhere else after that."

Nick Berger:

- Ahnest

"Going into a studio for the first time as a solo-artist can be intimidating but working with Steve made recording fun and easy. He loves what he does and it shows; the outcome of my music was just as important to him as it was to me. Overall great experience for an unbeatable price. I would recommend the Square Studio to any band or musician looking for a great sound."

Liam Dicosmo:

- Honor Bright

- Arcasia

- Belarus

- Grey Skies Ahead

"I've worked with Steve in various projects for 5 years now and I can say, without a doubt, that his studio is the best I've ever worked with. Not only does he make the recording sound the best you could hope for, but he improves with each recording, so you know the next time you come back it'll be better than the last. His ideas and creativity for each recording make it seem as though he is another member of the band, adding a positive influence to the overall project. He works in your best interest so I suggest you take his advice!"

Chris Hardiman:

- Lastdayshining

"Steve made all the accommodations for us to make our three song EP on short notice and did everything in his power to give us the exact sound we wanted. Recording with Steve was an awesome experience and the sound was better than any of us could have hoped for."

Nick Irvine:

- Anorexic Beauty Queen

"I love recording with Steve because he acts as a producer, engineer, and whatever else you may need. His opinions while I'm laying down what I have to are insightful and creative. I recommend Steve to any band looking for a high quality, professional sounding recording for a great price."

Dave Seiling:

- Ice Nine Kills

- Remember Tomorrow

- Theme Park Life

- Euphobia

"Over the years I've worked with Square, I've seen the efforts that Steve goes to to get the best equipment and environment for his studio... But at the same time it's your vision, and he won't fuck with that; He's got the tools to make you get your vision out the way you see it."

Jack Nolan:

- Jackson's Kid Summer

- Hello Hello

- TheBrokenRacketRomance

- Solo Artist

"The best band in the world can sound like absolute shit if they're recording with a friend's tape player. Myself never being involved in the best band ever, had a mediocre band that wanted a good recording to make us sound awesome. When a rocker starts a band they always entertain dreams of recording something that sounds like the records they love. When we went to Steve and The Square Studio, we got just what we had dreamt of."

Kiel Feher:

- Speria

- Grey Skies Ahead

- Belarus

- Arcasia

"It's always such a comfortable feeling every time I get to record with Steve, he manages to take the stress away, from what can be one of the most stressful things for a musician to do. He's always coming up with new ideas for getting better sounds, and the recording quality never ceases to amaze me."

Kirt Robinson:

- The Sweet Hereafter

- Five Days Till Friday

"When you go to work with Steve, you bring an idea and he makes it ideal. While you're there he becomes that extra band member you never had whose creativity you always needed."

Kristen Abrams:

- Solo Artist

"Recording with Steve was probably one of the coolest experiences ever. His ear for how things should sound fit perfectly with my style. He has an original way of making things sound really nice. He made me feel at home, feeding me and allowing me to stay in his house for the night. My overall experience... A+!"

Brad Green:

- Eyes Averted

- Fairgrieve

- Partnerz In Rhyme

"I thought recording my first time would be hard and time consuming. But recording at The Square Studio made my whole state of mind on recording change forever. Recording has never been any easier, and when working with Steve Sopchak, the experience isn't just about getting the job done, but having fun while doing it."

Kevin Clay:

- Jackson's Kid Summer

- TheBrokenRacketRomance

- The Farewell Standard

"Working with Steve was both an awesome experience and also very comforting given the fact that we were all nervous going into it. He was very friendly and welcoming and made sure that we had everything we needed. For him to have all his equipment ready for us if we needed it, was just so awesome of him. We never knew that recording could be so relaxed and easy going. He really made it all that we wanted and we will always come back to him in the future."

Beth Watson:

- Anorexic Beauty Queen

"Recording at The Square Studio was more than nice for me. With it being my first time recording, I was nervous and did not know quite where to start. Steve was very helpful to me and made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend The Square Studio for its awesome sound outcome and the great help I received there."